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Answer The 8 Questions About Politics Social Sciences Coursework (Coursework Sample)


you do not need write it very formal just answer the 8 questions i post, and you can use any sources you want, and each question has no more than 100 words and better to answer it in an understandable way, also please make a list like 1, 2 ,3 ... thx!



What is participatory budgeting?  What problems is it designed to solve?  Identify two strengths of participatory budgeting (two things that it does well).


Thinking back on our discussions of the "bottom billion" and of global justice, what is the best explanation for the persistence of poverty among the world's most impoverished countries?


The two primary commitments of liberalism are freedom and equality.  With respect to those two commitments, explain the differences between classical liberalism and reform liberalism.


Compare and contrast the regimes of Nazi Germany and Stalin's Soviet Union. Is it fair to group these 2 regimes together as "totalitarian regimes"?


How do negotiations and agreements regarding climate change serve as an example of the collective action problem?


Reflecting on our reading of Thucydides, and our discussions of realism and “democratic peace” theory, what is the essence of the realist critique of the theory of the “democratic peace”?


What type of electoral system is better for the Green Party? Explain why, including an explanation of why another electoral system works to the Green Party's detriment.


What does Francis Fukuyama mean by the “end of history”? Explain the idea both with reference to Cold War politics and to its philosophical underpinnings. Is there reason to think that the “end of history” has been reached?








Question One
Participatory budgeting is a process in which citizens are involved in the allocation of part of public funds through deliberation and decision-making (Gilman, 2016). As such, governments can choose this process so as to circumvent various challenges such as reducing citizens’ distrust that is often associated with public officials and public funds management. Gilman(2016) reveals that participatory budgeting allows members of the public to make funds allocation decisions publicly and as such, this process enhances accountability and transparency. In addition, participatory budgeting effectively enhances civic engagement and public participation in community issues and development.
Question Two
Poverty has been persistent among some of poorest countries in the world. As Collier(2007) reveals, the four major factors that have contributed to this persistent poverty are violence and conflict, natural resources, landlocked and poor governance. Specifically, poor governance is the most dominant factor in this case because it influences all other factors. For instance with good governance, these countries can be able to utilize their abundant natural resources and promote economic growth. Persistent poverty is a global justice issue that requires global attention because more than one region is affected and as Collier(2007) indicates, the bottom billion countries are imposing serious costs to the whole world.

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