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Tying Topic Sentences Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Please read the information on tying topic sentences to your thesis and then complete the handout on topic sentences. There is a Word Version and links below to the Google Docs.
Tying Topic Sentences to the Thesis
Working Thesis​: ​Clearly, we must pay college athletes because doing so is moral and will benefit all involved parties.
A strong topic sentence should have a ​transition​, ​a statement that is broad enough to include all of the details of the given body paragraph​, and a ​tie to the thesis​, which will help you to better prove your argument by the end of the paper.
Topic Sentence One​: ​First and foremost​, ​NCAA athletes ​seem to be the only ones in the collegiate picture not benefiting financially from the multi-billion dollar business​, and ​this must change​.
Topic Sentence Two​: ​Not only is denying college athletes money that they deserve an atrocity​, but another reason why ​college athletes should be paid​ is because ​depriving them of money that is rightfully theirs is immoral​.
Topic Sentence Three​: ​Not only is it unethical not to pay NCAA athletes​, but if the ​NCAA begins payment​, the ​benefits will help not only the athletes but society in general​.
● Completing a working thesis and topic sentences first allows you to begin outlining your paper.
○ This also will help you to see if and on what topics you need to find more research.
● Work smart by using the ideas of your topic sentence in other parts of your essay.
○ You will use these in the preview points of your introduction, your concluding sentences of your body paragraphs, and your conclusion.
○ Your job as a writer is to use rich, persuasive, varied language to

make your sentences vivid and different.
● Once you have your topic sentences, you can begin to unravel your
thoughts into a clearly organized outline.


Tying Topic Sentences
[date]Take a few minutes and label the parts of each topic sentence: transition, topic of the body paragraph, and tie to the thesis.
THESIS Though his message about reclaiming the American dream speaks directly to the values of millions of Americans, Obama’s effective use of rhetoric is what makes his “American Dream” speech so memorable.
TS1 Barack Obama’s views on political issues often mirror that of middle class Americans, but if the audience views him as too far removed from their status, his political stance on key issues might be dismissed as populist or even fabricated. Fortunately, Obama recognizes the importance of ethos.
TS2 Following the establishment of his connection with the audience, Obama wastes no time and applies the logos appeal in expert fashion as he begins to address policy

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