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Introduction to psyhology Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Chapter 3- Personal Application Questions
Page 110, Questions # 30,31,32,33, and 34 30 pts

Please answer the following chapters personal application questions in detail:
Chapter 4-Personal Application Questions
Page # 147, Question# 39,40,41,42,43, 30 pts

Chapter 5- Personal Application Questions
Page #183, Questions # 39,40,41,42,43,44

Author of the book is Author Rosie m. Spellman
its on line
Chapter 4 questions39. What do you do to adjust to the differences in your daily schedule throughout the week? Are you running a sleep debt when daylight saving time begins or ends?
40. Have you (or someone you know) ever experienced significant periods of sleep deprivationbecauseof simple insomnia, high levels of stress, or as a side effect from a medication? What were the consequences of missing out on sleep?
41. Researchers believe that one important function of sleep is to facilitate learning and memory. How does knowing this help you in your college studies? What changes could you make to your study and sleep habits to maximize your mastery of the material covered in class?
42. What factors might contribute to your own experiences with insomnia?
43. Many people experiment with some sort of psychoactive substance at some point in their lives. Why do you think people are motivated to use substances that alter consciousness?
Chapter 5 questions
39. Think about a time when you failed to notice something around you because your attention was focused elsewhere. If someone pointed it out, were you surprised that you hadn’t noticed it right away?
40. Ifyougrewupwithafamilypet,thenyouhavesurelynoticedthattheyoftenseemtohearthingsthat youdon’thear.Nowthatyou’vereadthissection,youprobablyhavesomeinsightastowhythismaybe. How would you explain this to a friend who never had the opportunity to take a class like this?
41. Take a look at a few of your photos or personal works of art. Can you find examples of linear perspective as a potential depth cue?
42. If you had to choose to lose either your vision or your hearing, which would you choose and why?
43. As mentioned earlier, a food’s flavor represents an interaction of both gustatory and olfactory information.Thinkaboutthelasttimeyouwereseriouslycongestedduetoacoldortheflu.Whatchanges did you notice in the flavors of the foods that you ate during this time?
44. Haveyoueverlistenedtoasongontheradioandsungalongonlytofindoutlaterthatyouhavebeen singing the wrong lyrics? Once you found the correct lyrics, did your perception of the song change?
PaAfter watching the video,please discuss about how you could use your brain to find your way?
Srt of question 5
video link


Chapter 4
39. Usually when daylight saving time begins, I unconsciously have a sleep debt, but with the gradual change of the timing of the day and the night, my body is able to adjust also gradually. I do however notice that my sleep patterns are not regular due to the presence of internet and mobile devices where I spend most of my time reading educational and interesting articles.
40. I have personally experienced periods of sleep deprivation wherein I am always tired in the day, and insomniac at night. I would spend my time lying on the bed, feeling tired but not able to sleep due to anxiety and stress. This anxiety and stress stems from academic pressures, relationships with family and peers, and existential questions about my soul and the universe. Missing out on sleep caused me to have low attention span and inability to focus and complete tasks. I had trouble with coherent and logical thinking but nevertheless, I am able to perform as a functional human being, but with impaired movements, and a little bit slow thinking.
41. Knowing the importance of sleep can assist me in the way that I would know that it is my responsibility when to get rest. I must set boundaries for myself wherein I will be able to balance my activity with my sleep so that I can maximize my productivity. I know now that for events that require sharp memory and thinking ability, I must rest and gain all the mental energy I need through sleep. I must adjust my sleeping patterns, such that I should discourage myself from distractions that hinder myself from sleeping early.

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