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Interpretation: Topic, Goal, Theme, Objective Exercise (Coursework Sample)


Answer 12 questions in short answer and it doesn't need to be a complete sentence.
There will be explanation paper about this assignment to help you get through this assignment.
You dont have to retype the questions, only answer and have some explanations.

Topic, Goal, Theme, Objective Exercise
1 Objective. This is a measurable thing that the visitors should understand the operation of a waterwheel after attending the program.
2 Topic. It is a subject of something with three words describing it.
3 Theme. It shows the focus of the program as being on the endangered California condor and what it stands for.
4 Topic. It highlights on the subject of discussion.
5 Theme. It gives direction and the take away home of the program as being the situation of animals in Olympic National Park.
6 Theme. Shows the focus of the program as being on the creation of Prince William Forest Park and the message the visitors should take home being the willing and unwilling sacrifice made.
7 Topic. It indicates what the discussion will about.
8 Theme. It represents the central focus of the program.
9 Objective. It describes a measurable target of what the visitors should be capable of doing as result of attending the program.
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