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How Holmes Managed to Lie to Everyone. Literature Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Write a maximum 2 page paper on a news article where integrity was an issue in the workplace (reference article, date, and source)


How Holmes Managed to Lie to Everyone
Ginsberg, L., & Huddleston, T. (2019). The psychology of deception: How Elizabeth Holmes fooled everyone about Theranos for so long. CNBC. Retrieved April 10, 2019, from
Elizabeth Holmes is a name that elicits a lot of different emotions. Holmes, a Stanford dropout, managed to lie to the entire world about a technology that would revolutionize the medical industry. She had people like Henry Kissinger, Walgreens, and the former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis in her corner. Her idea made her popular, and she appeared in a lot of magazines which further enhanced her popularity. However, the question that everyone is asking themselves is how she managed to fool everyone and get away with it for years. In their article, Ginsberg and Huddleston involve Dan Ariely who had interacted with Holmes and got to understand that Holmes believed in what she was doing. For Theranos, the issue of integrity started with the CEO and proceeded to the president with both set to face trial and could face up to 20 years if convicted.

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