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Five Little Stories About Me: Literary Vignettes (Coursework Sample)


It is about five little story about me. Please follow the requirement to finished it.

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DATE \@ "MMMM d, y" February 11, 2018
Five Little Stories About Me
Literary Vignettes
* It is the smell of the pages and how they feel in my fingers as I flick through them. It’s the way the spine is so smooth and un-creased. It’s life… unfolding in front of me all over again, each time, every time. A new adventure. New places to see. New people to meet. There is something liberating at every turn. For a moment, I feel free and I become someone other than myself. The worlds I travel to are diverse and exciting, sometimes scary but the experience is always priceless. I flip open my new book and it starts all over again.
* I’m alone. That’s not surprising at all. Once again, another day has come and here I am sitting by myself across a vast field of grass. There are people everywhere, some I know, some I barely recognize. The sounds of laughter are exhilarating to anyone who happens to be around… except maybe for me. Gossips, small talks, and chit-chats… They are all just white noise so easily drowned by what’s being said from within. Yet, she comes. She sits by me. And for once, I know someone understands.
* Sumatra. That’s it. I could recognize from the smell of the beans where this little cup of heaven comes from. I can almost see the farmers carefully harvesting them from the fields. This is a dark roast. I can hear the sound of the grinders as they chop away on the little beans, fresh from the pack and into the brewer they go. Now, it is here in my hands, a small ounce of liquid joy to awaken my senses if only for a moment. I take a sip. The smell of cinnamon hangs sweetly ever so lightly on my nose while the feathery warm milk lightens the taste of the coffee. This is who I am. This is my brew.
* I am four and five days. When asked what I wanted to do in the future, I always gave grownups the most acceptable answer, that is to have a stethoscope hanging around my neck and wear a white coat, but not today. Today, I look at her faded photo and her complete name on the battered encyclopedia. Her legacy, so undeniable and profound that no child after me will not know her. I am certain of...
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