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Five Little Stories About Me: Literary Vignettes (Coursework Sample)


It is about five little story about me. Please follow the requirement to finished it.


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DATE \@ "MMMM d, y" February 11, 2018
Five Little Stories About Me
Literary Vignettes
* It is the smell of the pages and how they feel in my fingers as I flick through them. It's the way the spine is so smooth and un-creased. It's life… unfolding in front of me all over again, each time, every time. A new adventure. New places to see. New people to meet. There is something liberating at every turn. For a moment, I feel free and I become someone other than myself. The worlds I travel to are diverse and exciting, sometimes scary but the experience is always priceless. I flip open my new book and it starts all over again.
* I'm alone. That's not surprising at all. Once again, another day has come and here I am sitting by myself across a vast field of grass. There are people everywhere, some I know, some I barely recognize. The sounds of laughter are exhilarating to anyone who happens to be around… except maybe for me. Gossips, small talks, and chit-chats… They are all just white noise so easily drowned by what's being said from within. Yet, she comes. She sits by me. And for once, I know someone

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