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Famous People and the Profession of Interpretation Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Please look up the following people and define their connection(s) to the profession of Resource Interpretation and Outdoor Education.
Give 3-4 sentences of the following people of Why they're famous and How they're connected to the park and interpretation.
- Ulysses S. Grant
- John Muir -- Father of the National Park
- Enos Mills
- Esther Burnell
- Woodrow Wilson
- Frederick Law Olmstead
- Theodore Roosevelt
- Stephen T. Mather
- Horace M. Albright
- Herbert Hoover
- Aldo Leopold
- Freeman Tilden


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January 30, 2018
Famous People and the Profession of Interpretation
1 Ulysses S. Grant
1 Being an army general in the American Civil War, Ulysses S Grant was then elected as the 18th president of the United States. Drawing from his experiences during the war, he recognized how the war could affect our environment. He then used this to push forwards some policies that would outline the series of events leading to new policies dedicated in protecting the environment
2 John Muir
2 John Muir is the father of our park system because of his influential writings on the topic. He also created many parks within the United States. To further promote the clean environment, he co-founded the Sierra Club, which is a proponent of environmentalism.
3 Enos Mills
3 Enos Mills has contributed a lot in the history and the preservation of the environment and has been called as the “Father of the Rocky Mountain National Park”. Most of these contributions are due to his works and writings that have been widely read around the world. He was also a bastion of environmentalism within the government as he educated the congress about the importance of setting lands for preservation.
4 Esther Burnell
4 The first licensed nature guide for the National Park Service. Her story would then inspire many others to follow her footsteps and become proponents of nature preservation. Specifically, this is because despite having a well-paying corporate life, she decided to protect nature itself.
5 Woodrow Wilson
5 Woodrow Wilson is the 28th president of the United States. Amongst the presidents, he is considered as one of the most “greenest”, for a number of his policies were oriented towards the preservation of the environment. Woodrow Wi

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