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Family Complexities And Identities (Coursework Sample)


Compare and contrast how the Wingfied family and the Weston family deal with their problems.


Family Complexities
Family lives are dynamic in nature and they also tend to be quite complex. This in consideration of the various responsibilities to one another and the need to find one’s own identity outside the family identity. In the case of the Wingfield family and the Weston families, these can be considered to be two characters in a story. Each of the families has its own attributes and characteristics as well as their own identity, with similarities to match as well.
In the case of the Wingfield family for example, these are a good example of the emotional rollercoaster that is the modern family (Randall). They are seen to be stuck in time and they also tend to run away from their problems. When their father leaves them behind, this sets the stage for the rest of their lives. Up to the end of the play, none has found their way. The father leaving as the head of the family sends the picture of the theme. This is an element that is constant in the play. Amanda, the mother to Tom and Laura is seen to constantly look for the husband who is nowhere to be seen. Instead of now concentrating on bringing up her children, she concentrates on a past that will never help her rise above her situation. She does not realize that she now in new reality, where her husband’s support is no more and she has to step up. Her son, Tom is the one that steps and takes care of the family even though he is struggling. Like his mother, he blames the burden on the mother instead of stepping up and becoming the man the father never was. In the end, just like his father, he ste

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