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Comparison Of The Essays' Outline: Oring & America Zombie Gothic (Coursework Sample)


It is a comparison of two reading. Just need the outline

Compare outline

1 Introduction

A: Hook

B: Introduce Devos & legend

C: Explain similarities & differences (thesis)

2 Body

A: Topic Sentence :

B: Evidence: Cite Reading 1

C: Analysis :

D: Evidence: Citation from Reading2


A:Topic sentence:

B:Evidence:cite reading 1


D:Evidence:Citation from reading2

4 Body

A:topic sentence:




5 conclusion

A summary

B Final thought


Comparison of the Essays' Outline
Comparison of the Essays' Outline
The quote from Oring in the introduction of what happens next is very captivating. After reading the quote, anybody would desire to know exactly legends are made of. The quote magnifies the ability of legends as supernatural and other unimaginable capabilities; it is a quote that well thought of as the first lines of the story. In the America Zombie Gothic story, the cover pictures are scary and cannot attract many people especially for who do not like horrors. The only hook that the author used is the lines below the title ‘the rise and fall (and rise) of the walking dead' without reading the entire line someone will stop hear and wonder what is really in the book.
Devos is the author of what happens next, where he portrays legends as just stories. The stories are more of myth, though according to Devos people have been made to believe the stories are true.
The similarities in the two stories are that the legends and the zombies have been made real and popular through m

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