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American Women In The 1950s (Coursework Sample)


Step 1 – Read this article from Khan Academy:
Getchell, Michelle. “Women in the 1950s.” Khan Academy. 2019. Accessed on 3 Mar. 2019.
Step 2 – Apply the concepts learned in the Khan Academy article to this 1950s commercial starring TV couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz (they were pictured in the article). Answer these three questions:
a) How was the typical gender relationship between the man and woman in this couple portrayed in the commercial?
b) At the same time, how was the typical general relationship undermined/made fun of in this commercial?
c) How do the clothes the man and woman are wearing in this commercial help to establish them as an ideal middle-class family according to expectations from the 1950s?
Step 3 – Use the concepts presented in the Khan Academy article to analyze the print ad for Schlitz beer shown below. Answer these questions:
a) Ethos, one of Aristotle’s 3 main persuasive appeals, is often used in advertising. Ethos means credibility. In this Schlitz ad the marketer is showing an image that is supposed to make the targeted customer feel the product is a good idea because of who is using it. Explain.
a) Pathos, another of Aristotle’s 3 main persuasive appeals, is frequently used in advertising. Pathos means an appeal to emotion. How does the Schlitz ad appeal to viewers’ emotions?
b) Based on the scene in the advertisement, describe how “ideal” 1950s gender relationships are portrayed in this ad
c) How is color used to attract the eye of the viewer?


American women in the 1950s

Online Class

Step 2

In the 1957 ad on Ford Fairlane Skyliner with a Retractable Roof the ad shows the couple, which emphasizes the nuclear family as the ideal setup. The salesman mainly talks to Desi Arnaz, but Lucy states she wants to try the car first and Desi insists he is the man of the house and head of family and should try the car first. The man in this middle-class couple mainly believes that there should be strict gender norms.

Lucy is not merely a housewife and she understands cars, that when she was inside the Ford vehicle she knew the buttons to press, and went first before her TV husband. Lucy is not a typical 1950s homemaker, who is only to stay at home, cook and clean, as she got a mind of her own and could make family decisions and anyone can make decisions in the family.

Domesticity was mostly aimed at middle-class white women, and in the both the man and woman are professionally dressed. Both the man and woman are in suits, with the woman also wearing gloves and hats, something that would be rare among 1950s homemakers. The American Dream was also linked to prosperity as people took advantage of opportunities to pursue their dreams and improve their standards

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