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IST 195 Project 2: Ethical Issues Analysis Computer Science Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Professional Ethics
As a working professional, you will often find yourself in situations that will force you to make tough decisions. The choices you make as a professional will impact organizational outcomes, careers of your colleagues, and your clients’ business. Whether the impact is small or large, working professionals are responsible for making the right decisions that are considered ethical in their profession. The goal of this assignment is to enhance your understanding of professional ethics topic in the IT industry. This is an individual assignment.
The goal of the this part is to test your understanding of professional ethics concepts by completing an outline on a professional ethics. Your topic must fit within the IT industry and relate to the topics discussed in section 1-General Ethical Principles or section 2-More Specific Professional Responsibilities of the ACM Code of Conduct.
Define and discuss professional ethics as it applies to the IT profession. Use sections 1 or 2 of the ACM Code of Conduct (https://www(dot)acm(dot)org/about/code-of-ethics) to choose the main topic; use the link to read the subheadings of the each section. Get to know the ACM Code of Ethics. It is the definitive code for the IT profession and is available online. You will then pick an ethical topic/issue an IT professional might face that relates to the main topic in sections 1 or 2 of the ACM Code of Conduct and provide an outline. Think of the main topic as a category and your ethical issue as the example.
Here are some examples: Section 1.2 Avoid harm – this is a main topic, you can use the ethical issue cyber bullying to relate it to the IT industry and the ACM code of conduct. Section 2.8 Access computing and communication resources only when authorized or when compelled by the public good – is another example of a main topic, you can use the ethical issue cyber-attacks (hacking) to relate it to the IT industry and the ACM code of conduct.
Using the template on Blackboard you will state what your main topic is (ex. Section 1.2 avoid harm to others) and the ethical issue (ex. Cyber bullying), you will then research an incident or story relating to these topics and identify three sources and provide three topic sentences for each source. Refer to the template for further instructions.


IST 195 Project 2: Ethical Issues Analysis Outline
Your Name:
Main Topic: Section 1 General Ethical Principals Subtopic: Section 1.2 Respect the work required to produce new ideas, inventions, creative works, and computing artefacts.
Ethical Issue: Software Piracy Thesis statement: Software Piracy is immoral and unethical. It presents economic harm and has negative effects on society and business. Paragraph 1
Software piracy has negative impacts on the economy, businesses, and society.
Topic Sentence: Software piracy reduces the profits obtained from the sale of the software by the developers and harms the customer who buys it legally.Pirated software is sold at a lower price, which means that most customers will buy them as opposed to the original product. In turn, the developers experience lower sales that translate to reduced profits, reducing the amount of funds available for supporting further development of the product. Also, if pirating and selling of software are legal, what differentiates this kind of theft and other forms of stealing such as car theft?
Abu-Arafah, A. A. (2008).

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