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Week 14: Forum Discussion History Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


The Impact of the No-Strike Pledge
Immediately following Pearl Harbor, the labor movement made an unconditional "no-strike pledge" to help win the war. In turn, unions won some important concessions from the federal government. Some who believed that labor had given up too much responded with "wildcat" (unauthorized) strikes. Others moved to reconsider the no-strike pledge. In 1942 members of the Michigan CIO endorsed the no-strike pledge, but employer attacks on wages the following year caused them to reevaluate. At the 1943 annual meeting, CIO delegates debated and passed a resolution recommending that "unless the assurances that were made to labor at the time we gave up our right to strike were honored, the pledge should be nullified."
After reading the assigned chapter in the textbook and "World War II," which includes material on the Michigan CIO debate, respond to the following:
If you were an AFL or CIO union leader during World War II, would you have supported or opposed the no-strike pledge? Please provide the reasons for your position.
Based on the outcome of the 1945/1946 strike wave, do you think the no-strike pledge weakened or strengthened the labor movement?
Your initial post will be approximately 250 words (1 page double-spaced). Then, post at least two response-oriented posts each be 50 to 100 words. Once I got others' posts, I will upload them as soon as possible.


Response to Colin Mastowski
I agree that supporting the no-strike pledge would have been essential in protecting the economy of the United States and promoting its success in the war. Ideally, strikes would hinder the production of crucial materials that would affect the participant of the soldiers in war; this is because it would have been impossible for the countr

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