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American History Through Music: The Promised Land (Coursework Sample)


War and Peace: Propaganda, Patriotism, Protest
Write Your Own Protest Song or Verse: Using specific content, like the Great Depression or the civil rights movement, write your own protest song about that event, or they compose an original verse for an existing song.
Contemporary Music That Speaks to an Issue or Era in the Past: What songs today have something to say about the past, whether because people are still struggling with the same issues, or because the lyrics seem symbolic or ironic when seen through the lens of the past? Explain the connection.
During wartime, songs become weapons, rallying cries, and emotional support. As documents of patriotism, propaganda, and protest, they invite us to ask questions like: "What is peace?" "What is war?" "Why is the nation fighting?" "What am I fighting for?" "What is it like to be a soldier?" "How does it feel back home?" Pick any song we’ve covered this year about wartime and answer the questions previously listed.
Answer the above question: I chose song: promised land-chuck berry


American History Through Music
During wartime, songs were used as weapons to rally cries and emotional support. The hidden messages in these songs prompted scholars to review the meaning of war and peace, and the reason behind the fighting. The song “The Promised Land” by Chuck Berry became an artistic symbol in achieving freedom from oppression (Berry, 2017). The song was written by Berry in prison after being arrested for a crime he did not actually commit. It was a way of repressing the loud voices who fought for freedom. In his song, Berry refers to himself as the poor boy when he describes his journey from Norfolk, Virginia to "The promised land" (Berry, 2017).
During his journey to freedom he describes significant towns including Charlotte, North Carolina and R

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