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Value Proposition: Marketing Goals Of Uber Delivery (Coursework Sample)


This memo is due Saturday, March 3 and is worth a possible 25 points. As a team, your goals are to 1) select 2 main marketing goals (with supporting benchmarks) for your new product; 2) provide an overview of the target market including customer value and customer (segment) profile; and 3) compose value proposition and positioning statement (target customers, frame of reference, and primary reason) for your product or service. Your paper should be no longer than 2 pages 1.5 line-spaced (with Times New Roman 12pt font). Here's some additional guidance on how to craft this paper:
1. Start with a paragraph describing two primary marketing goals for your new product along with at least two supporting benchmarks for each that involve quantitative and temporal components. Remember, these should be specific, measurable, attainable, sustainable. (Worth up to 5 points) Example goals: Increase sales, Build brand awareness, Grow market share, Launch new products or services, etc.
2. In a paragraph, discuss your target market for the new product. Make sure this includes a discussion of customer value (what is important to your target? how does your product/service fit in with their values) and customer profile (segment profile)in terms of demographics. (Worth up to 5 points)
3. In a paragraph, discuss your value proposition. Start with a positioning statement that discusses your target customers, a frame of reference, and the primary reason for providing value. Use this to help you form a creative, catchy, and short customer-facing value proposition. Additionally, discuss why this value proposition is the best way to represent your new product. (Worth up to 10 points) 
Make sure your memo meets the space and formatting requirements, and communicates clearly, concisely, and professionally throughout. (Worth up to 5 points)


Value Proposition
(Student's name)
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Value Proposition
Uber delivery – Use it any day of the week to transport goods
This is the value proposition because unlike any other delivery service like DHL, Uber Delivery can be of service during weekdays and weekends. Aside from that, those who are living in urban areas with not much access to regular tran

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