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Union and Labor Relations (Coursework Sample)


Answer three discussion questions regarding Unions and Labor relations, Approx 150-200 words for each question.
1. Is it important to have a collaborative relationship with the union with those employers who have unions? Why or why not. If yes, how is a collaborative relationship (vs. adversarial) developed?
2. Why do employers incur unfair labor practice charges? How can they be prevented?
3. Describe your experiences dealing with organized labor. What can be learned from your experience? If you have no experiences with organized labor, what questions do you have about the topic?


Question 1
Employers and employee labor unions are always on the opposite sides of the bargaining table and usually represent divergent interests, so there is always the risk of perpetuating an adversarial environment. However, when employers and employees unions’ relationships are not built through collaboration, both the employers and employees feel the pain. Improving labor relations between the two unions leads to a relationship that has the mutual aim of improving organizational performance, which is beneficial to the employees and employers.
Participative decision making is the basis of forming collaborative relationships between employees and employers unions. Both unions have similar goals but are unable to accomplish these goals because of perceived differences in how to achieve them. However, through participative decision making, collaborative partnerships that address shared interests and problems solving can be built. Additionally, employee and employer unions work together because they acknowledge each party as valuable. Therefore, through mutual respect, collaborative relationship can be attained ensuring no party makes unnecessary demands.
Question 2
The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) gives employees the right to act together, and try to improve the terms and conditions of their employers, by joining a union. Furthermore, employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees or discouraging membership in a l

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