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Starbucks Verismo- Brand Extension (Coursework Sample)


A brand extension can be defined as an instance when an established brand is used to introduce a new product (e.g., Mars ice cream). Find an example of what you would consider a very good or (even better) a very bad brand extension (Note that you should not need to spend more than 40 minutes looking for an example on the internet).
Then, in a single word document or PDF, include a clear image (jpg or pdf) of the extension. Write a paragraph about why, in your opinion, this brand extension is particularly good/bad.
Note: this assignment does not have to be 300-500 words. Also, we may discuss your assignment in class--so be prepared!


Starbucks Verismo

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Starbucks Verismo

The Starbucks Verismo is a good example of brand extension. The coffee making machine by Starbucks combines modern technology with premium coffee from Starbucks to bring out a variety of flavors. The brand extension is considered good because it combined four key characteristics. These include fit, logic, synergy, and relevance. Starbucks Verismo is logically fit, meaning that it correlates with the customer’s expectations. As stated in their vision, Starbucks purposes to provide fine coffee and ensure growth. The coffee machine contributes highly to this purpose by creating a good quality coffee. This means that the machine fits the preconceived ideas about the brand. The brand extension also compels the c

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