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Restaurant Field Report: El Gato Coffeehouse (Coursework Sample)


The purpose of requiring you to complete field reports is to help you to make the connection between the material that we cover in class and its application in real-world settings. You will be required to answer the below questions. Before you start this field report, read the article "Turning the Tables" posted in Blackboard

First, go to a restaurant of your choice at a busy hour.

- Please follow the file "instruction" step by step.
- Answers to the questions in the instruction:
1) EI Gato Coffeehouse (A coffeehouse )
2) April 4, 2018 4:30p.m.
3) 17 people were in there. (Maximum holds 18 people at one time)
4) 18 people for one time, no children under 5.
5) yes, the service was efficient. There are no delays in my service. They do have enough employees.
6) This is a coffeehouse you can play with cats while you drinking coffee & having desserts. (The rates for playing with cats is $10 per hour)
7) Do well: They track people with selling kitten shirts and stickers. Could be improved: They sell coffee and desserts outside of the room (food truck). They should selling them inside, so that can make customers more convenience.


Field Report
Operating a restaurant takes into consideration a lot of factors that are often assumed or ignored by potential proprietors. Among the factors that one should take into account is the aspect of psychological selling employed by most restaurants that have cut a niche for themselves in the highly competitive business. Contrary to the common belief, high standards in service delivery and offering a variant of delicious dishes will not do the magic in ensuring a consistent turnover in tables, and longevity of clients' stay in a restaurant. It is, however, the psychological effect of the restaurant's design that leaves a lasting effect on the customers and determines their retention by the business. Consequently, a restaurant's application of the key psychological factors that touch on positive human's perception of its environment ensures expansive seat inventory and profit returns. A visit to one, El Gato Coffeehouse gives a detailed report on the effects of the psychological design of a restaurant.
On Wednesday last week, I walked into the El Gato coffeehouse at around four thirty in the evening to find the small restaurant having only space for one left. The coffeehouse holds a maximum of 18 customers at the full house, and at the time of entry, 17 patrons were enjoying the services of the restaurant.

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