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Business Analysis: Man Money Method, Experience Policy (Coursework Sample)


This is a group project. The case for this project is attached, our centrial idea is about Online growth. Emphasis on international sales. Cross-border partnerships. (Social Media) to increase the sales of our company (because now company is decreasing on sales). My part is to creat a graph, Fishbone Diagram, and write Force Field Analysis. but these should be linked to the case of Online growth Due: Fishbone Diagram, Force Field Analysis.

Interactive Poster Session

Introduction to Business Analysis,

Team 5 Seeking Even Faster Growth, an E-Commerce Company Stumbles
Case study is from the NY Times, posted in Poster Session folder on BlackboardYou and your partners are running your own consulting firm in Boston, and you win the bid to help JIMMY BEANS WOOL solve for a critical business problem.What is your recommendation for the most efficient and effective path forward for Jimmy Beams Wool?Laura Zander is your main client and Executive Sponsor.Your team will need to concisely addresses the work of a business analyst, and describe to them your recommendation.Following areas are encouraged:• Stakeholder Analysis and Map• Key Requirements Collected, Organized and Prioritized• Approach to Verify and Validate Requirements• Fishbone Diagram• Force Field Analysis• Communication Plan
The Interactive Poster Session is designed to allow interactive presentations, allowing presenters maximum yet personal interaction with many attendees at one time.  Presenters will stand next to their visual presentation as attendees stroll around the meeting room searching for topics of interest.  In order to attract attention, presenters need to have an exciting topic and a visually stimulating presentation where organization and clarity are critical.  The presentation must catch attendees’ eyes as they walk by and then be easily conveyed in a short time.  After that, a more formal, detailed discussion can be conducted.  The main goal for presenters is to stimulate informed discussion of your topic.  On the night of the poster session, group members should alternate between visiting other poster sessions and being present at their own poster.  The presenting group should always have at least 1 group member at their own poster to introduce their topic and answer questions.
1. The Visual Presentation:This is essentially your Issue Briefing in visual display on a 3’x4’ wide poster board .  You want to make sure that your presentation is easily readable from a short distance (about 4 feet) and that it is eye-catching (use interesting visuals, large fonts for keywords, different colors for graphs/illustrations, etc.).  2. Presenting:At least one group member MUST be present at your poster at all times during the poster session.  The purpose of the interactive presentation is to encourage participation and discussion among participants.  Each group member should be capable of answering any questions concerning the presentation.  Presenting groups should prepare 10 minutes of “talking points” addressing:• What is the business need and who are the stakeholders• Requirements management approach and method of prioritization• Change management and communications plan• Reviewing all of the content of your Poster BoardThis will be a “rolling presentation” in that you will make this presentation several times as people come and go from your session (you will make it at least once from start to finish, when I visit your poster!).  Your job is to make your project interesting.  Both team members must be prepared to give this brief talk.


Man money method

Employees confused if Expense no standard procedure

The business is still a family High advertisement


Low sales

Fired the experts

Identity crisis

Lack of motivation policies

Experience policy


Low sales is caused by people themselves, as the organization aimed too high and the existing employees are confused if the company is still the same family company or now a big company and should they behave as so, money is another issues, where a lot of it is used to spread the gospel and not investing in the business. Lack of a standard procedure caused low sales, they lacked motivating policies, and this could have be implemented more the first time the sales dropped. Identity crisis where the company has no stand on what they specialize in or who they are. The case study talks of hiring a high level technology hire meaning they had not hired experts earlier.

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