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Human Resources Benefits (Coursework Sample)


Please answer the following question with 150-200 words each.
1. Vacation and overtime pay for foreign workers is a complex issue and not being well versed regarding the laws can have severe consequences. Please discuss three reasons why it is imperative for an organization and its HR professionals to be well versed in the foreign country's time and leave laws and regulations where they are conducting or planning to conduct business.
2. What initiatives can HR professionals be putting in place to help manage the health and well being of their employees working overseas? Be specific.
3. Managing benefits program globally can be challenging. Just like managing and administering benefits within the US, HR professionals need to stay focused on costs, risks, international employment laws and regulations, and available resources, while similar to the US, giving the company a competing advantage for attracting and keeping talent abroad. With all these necessary components being key, discuss two advantages and two disadvantages of outsourcing this function.


Human Resources Benefits
Human Resources Benefits
Question One
Human Resource (HR) function plays an imperative role in compliance, especially in international business operations. One of the reasons why it is crucial for companies and their HR professionals to be well-informed when it comes to foreign laws is to ensure that they are not violating the laws of a specific country. As revealed by Vance and Paik (2015), different foreign countries have different labor laws which take precedence in case of employer-employee conflict. As such, a violation of laws that relate to benefits and allowances of the host country could lead to penalties or fines by the host government, which translates to the loss of revenue for the organization. Further, the employer can also face prosecution for violating the laws, which will not only affect the company’s bottom line, but also the reputation, which is crucial for any business that wants to succeed in the global market. Finally, it is important for organizations to understand the laws to ensure that they are not under-compensating or over-compensating the employees in foreign countries.
Question Two
Employees working overseas are faced with challenges because they often work in an unfamiliar environment with different culture away from family and friends, which can put their health and well-being at risk. However, there are several initiatives that HR professionals can enforce to ease the situation. First, HR professionals can create a program where expatriates in the host country, regardless of which company they work for, can stay connected. This way, they will be able to share their challenges and coping mechanism with each and form a family away from home. As revealed by Garavan, McCarthy, and Carbery (201

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