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Human Resource Benefits Short Questions 4 (Coursework Sample)


Answer the following questions with 130-150 words each.
1. Would you modify any of the eligibility criteria currently used to qualify the unemployed for unemployment insurance benefits? Yes or No? Explain why and be specific.
2. With many companies allowing employees to telecommute, what challenges and issues might HR professional find themselves dealing with, i.e., worker's compensation or maybe OSHA regulations. There are surely more when you start to think it through. As always, be specific.
3. Taking a practical perspective, discuss two negative impacts and two positive impacts alternative work schedules place on management.
4. With the war in Iraq ending not that long ago and the current US presence in Afghanistan, HR professionals continue to be faced with an influx of military leave request. What are some of the challenges military leave places on HR managers. Be specific.


Human resource benefits short questions 4.
Modifications in the eligibility criteria used to qualify the unemployed for the unemployment insurance benefit?
More often than not, people lose their jobs for various reasons; their own cause or even by their employers faults. I would not modify the criteria used to qualify people for the insurance benefit. First and foremost, in the crafty world of today, people filled with greed and insensitivity can see this as a suitable way to defraud the government. For example, a lazy person will not mind losing their job and will do so knowingly with the hope of depending on the insurance. The strict measures, however, positively reserve this sector for those citizens who truly deserve this kind of insurance. If the criteria used for qualifying still works for us, why do we change it? Just until now, we need to embrace this system until we feel it should be improved. However, it has to be very rigid and strict to prevent fraud and embezzlement cases.
Challenges facing the human resource management concerning telecommuting.
Times are changing fast and so is the world. Today, various corporates round the world have adopted telecommuting which comes with its challenges. To begin with, there has been drastic diminishing in on-site brainstorm and innovation. Boardroom meetings where ideas were generated are becoming a thing of the past. This means that growth ideas generated when heads sit together is dying down fast, affecting the productivity

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