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The General Internet Access Research: Net Neutrality (Coursework Sample)


Net Neutrality is a very important topic in today's society. We have become so reliant on the Internet that we take it's ease of access, speed, and transparency for granted. The Internet has grown on the basis of being completely "open." This means that users can come and go as they please and access any resources throughout the world from any Internet-connected device in the same way as everyone else. However, as with most popular trends, individuals and companies quickly see an opportunity for profit.
Imagine that you had to pay a "premium" to access sites such as Netflix and Hulu because they are more bandwidth intensive. Today, you visit Netflix and watch a movie just as easily as someone sends an email even though each action has starkly different technical requirements. If we get down to it, streaming a 2 hour video is far more "costly" than sending a 5000 word email. Imagine if a large corporation paid a provider to steer customers directly to their website by blocking all of their competitors. Internet providers have lobbyied to be able to control and steer the traffic on their networks (in order to charge fees), rather than just being a transparent provider. In 2015, the FCC ruled that broadband Internet is considered a "telecommunications service." Meaning that it must be treated similar to public utilities like electricity or telephone lines. Large communications companies such as Verizon, Comcast, TW, etc, continued to fight this ruling and recently had it overturned. The new administration has stated that they do not believe net neutrality laws are necessary, and Mr. Ajit Pai, Chairman of the FCC, recently overturned the ruling. Chairman Pai is a former Verizon lawyer that fought for this very action. This has the potential to be extremely detrimental to the survival of an truly open Internet.
1. Visit the following links (read all articles and attached videos): (one paragraph)
Research and discuss what net neutrality is. Explain it in such a way that someone without a technical background can understand. Why do companies want to have the ruling overturned? What companies are teaming up to fight the ruling?
2. Discuss whether or not you are for or against Net Neutrality. Support your position. (one paragraph)
Important Note: If you feel that the overturning of net neutrality protection is wrong and you are a US resident or citizen, you can do something about it! Contact the congress representatives for your state and tell them that the Internet should be protected. If you don't want to contact them, use the power of your vote.
3.Please also write one paragraph for responses to two other students. ( I will post the responses from two students later)(the problem is the professor want students post the response first in order to see other students reviews. Because he doesn't want us copy each other's answer. I will post the responses from two students when i request the revision)


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Net neutrality refers to the general internet access principle that grants users the right to freely access internet content of their choice without censorship (NYT, 2017). Net neutrality protects freedom of speech as it compels ISPs to provide open networks devoid of controls and content filtering. The Tile II rule of the Communications Actbanned ISPs from discriminatory treatment of content or applications that ride on their infrastructure (Willis, 2015). Overturning net neutrality means that cable companies such as AT & T and Verizon will now clamp down on competitors content and dissenting political opinion thus eliminating net freedom.
I strongly oppose the abolishment of net neutrality. The repeal of net neutrality implies that ISPs can now unequally treat internet traffic, affording preferential treatment to certain content while blocking and throttling other type of content as they please (EFF.COM, 2015). Secondly, it means that cable companies can now charge content providers to access their subscribers and fast lanes while blocking competitor sites. Additionally, the repeal eliminates the consumer freedom to access and use the internet content and applications of choice since broadband content will now be treated as a utility service rather than information(YouTube, 2017). Thirdly, the repeal will infringe on the freedom of access to information since ISPs will now control what information gets to their clients (NYT, 2017). Fourthly, the rollback of net neutrality will adversely impact small companies and startups that will be unable to pay cable companies to access their fast broadband lanes hence throttling their speeds. It also means that sites that offered free services such as Netflix will have to be charged by ISPs thereby passing this cost back to the consumer. Furthermore, it will pave way for content censorship thereby putting an end to freedom of access to information. As a result, Americans will have differential access to online content given that certain content will be completely blocked or throttled rendering it inaccessible (NYT, 2017). Freedom of speech will be affected as ISPs will filter and control the type of information their subscribers will access. Americans will have slower broadband access speeds given the non-competitive nature of the U.S broadband market. As compared to other advanced d

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