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Social Structure & Interaction Social Sciences Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Answer all 4 questions and submit...
1. How do ascribed and achieve statuses serve to identify who a person is in a culture? What are reference groups? How are reference groups experienced in society?
2. What is a social role (give examples)? How does one violate his or her role? What is meant by role exit? And how does role exit relate to the socialization process? Distinguish between primary and secondary groups (give examples).
3. What is meant by in-group and out-group? How is in-group connected to primary group? How is out group connected to secondary group?
4. Discuss the similarities between Gemeinschaft (“guh-MINE-shahft”) & mechanical solidarity. Discuss the similarities between organic solidarity and Gesellschaft (“guh-ZELL-shahft”). According to Gerhard Lenski, how has technology influenced Gesellschaft/Industrial Societies?


Q. 1
Achieved and ascribed statuses assist an individual to fit in society. An achieved status is a social position that is normally acquired by an individual based on merit. This status is also reflected in the abilities and skills of a person. On the other hand, ascribed status is a social position that is beyond the control of an individual. Ascribed and achieved statues assists individuals to ascertain how they should treat people and how they should be treated during their day to day interactions with others (Heap 48). These statuses create a sense of belonging for every member of society. For instance, being a doctor is an achieved status while being an African man is an ascribed status.

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