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Races and Ethnicity (Coursework Sample)

I have 3 differents assignments that is homework Chapter one Chapter 2 and Race and Ethnic Relations. All are Socialogy 2550.Chapter one and two there are 4 questions each that need at least one par. Then Race and Tthnic Relation there are 2 questions that need 2 par each. So I will order 3 pages. @@@ source..
Races and Ethnicity
Course title:
David Cole and the Justice system
David Cole claims that, the justice system in USA is depended on inequality. What he means here is that, with regard to the criminal justice system in USA, the law is not applied equally on black and whites. The application of the criminal law by law enforcers such as the police, the legislature, or the courts is predicated on the aspect of inequality. Cole observes that though the justice system is supposed to be built on the premise of equality before the law, both the citizens, justice systems including the courts and even the government authorities have virtually failed to keep this inequality at bay. The aspect of prevalent race and class disparities has been and continues to be prevalent in the justice systems today. I do strongly agree with Cole that though the US declaration affirms that “all men are created equal” there is no time where equality has ever existed in USA. The legal justice system has equally failed in its attempt to create equality. It is acknowledged that in USA, “Some men are more equal than others”
Explain how inequality is build into every stage of the criminal justice process, how can this be fixed?
In USA, the issues of race and class are prevalent in every criminal case and in many of these cases, they manifest themselves more significantly. Although the premise of the justice system is build upon the prescript of equality before the law, the reality is that, that aspect is wide apart from that idealism. In most cases, the kind of trial an individual obtains depends on his or her economical status. In addition, the race and class of the defendant as well as those of the trial judges undertaking the case influences the results of the case. Moreover, the minority citizens in USA are in most cases inexplicably victimized by criminology. Poor and less educated people are often vulnerable to criminal activities or imprisonment than their wealth counterpart. The latter are able to buy their freedom or be favored in court rulings.
The system whereby lawbreakers, irrespective of their racial or economic status are held and convicted is regarded as one of the cornerstone of any democracy. For such a system to stay practicable, and the citizens to have confidence that in every phase of the justice system, that is from investigation, prosecution and judgment, these systems should treat individuals in eq...
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