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Police management Assignment. Social Sciences. Coursework (Coursework Sample)


1. What is the purpose of EEOC's Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection?
2. Under the FLSA, at what rate is overtime compensation paid?
3. Except for "unforeseeable circumstances" an employee seeking FMLA leave must give the employer how many days notice?
4. A California study revealed the top two reasons for joining a police department. What were they?
5. For police applicants, what are the top two negative experiences?
6. What is the primary responsibility of a Field Training Officer (FTO)?
7. Hickman and Poore's review of the literature of police use of force produced seven findings. What are four of them?
8. Why are police promotional assessment centers an attractive alternative to the use of written promotional tests?
Chapter 10
9. Discuss the steps in the communication process.
10. What are some of the barriers that result because of improper techniques used on the part of either the sender of the receiver?
11. Why is it necessary for departments to monitor what their officers may be posting on theri personal social media sites?
12. What is the role of the public information officer in organizational communication?
13. What are the main issues in communication between law enforcement and citizens from other cultures, and how are law enforcement agencies trying to address these changes?
14. What are the major characteristics of the ways Generation X (Millennial) officers communicate?
15. What are some of the possible long-term consequences of preferring texting as a major means of communication?


Police Management
Question 1
The EEOC’s uniform guidelines for employee selection are effective approaches that are used to determine the best workers that are qualified for a particular assignment. They guidelines are used to evaluate candidates for hire as well as current employees for promotion. They assist employers to comply with the Federal laws that illegalize discrimination based on sex, race, religion, nationality, and race.
Question 2
The overtime policy guidelines are outlined in FLSA and mandate employer to pay employees an overtime pay for hours worked over 40 in every workweek at a rate that is not less than time and one-half the regular rate of the employees’ pay.

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