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In Time Response Questions. Social Sciences Coursework (Coursework Sample)


After you have reviewed the "In Time" Prezi, formulate your discussion board response by considering the following questions:
How is class represented in In Time?
What stands for wage in the film?
Why do some people get to live forever? How fair do you think this system is?
How hard do the workers work vs. the immortals?
How does the labor theory of value apply to the movie?
How reflective do you think In Time’s depiction is of class in America?
n Time Prezi
Review the "In Time” Prezi below.
Retrieved from https://prezi(dot)com/kt_xdmgrmoe2/in-time/


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November 8, 2019
In Time Response Questions
1 How is class represented in In Time?
Class is represented In Time as people who share similar interests when it comes to the means on how they produce their means of living. Specifically, the movie differentiated class between different “sectors” of society, depending on how they make money with the richest at the best sector and the poorest at the most destitute places.
2 What stands for wage in the film?

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