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Social Psychology Research: Attitude Formation and Change (Coursework Sample)


Below is the Prompt from my Social Psychology Instructor. I also included an attachment with the chapter 6 lecture notes my instructor provided to help complete this assignment.
Here is the coursework assignment: 
a) State an attitude you have towards a thing? For example, it can be: a holiday, or a sports car, or a movie or it can also be people: like doctors, politicians, racial groups, etc... 
b) Describe the affective, behavioral, and cognitive components of that attitude. 
c) Explain how you came to acquire it? (for example, how did you learn it?).
d) Explain whether your attitude has a high chance of predicting your future behavior by addressing the four factors of strength, specificity, accessibility, social norms.
Notes from me the student to the writer:
You are more than welcome to use your personal views in this assignment. I'm a little confused on how to do it. Any who, I think the lecture notes in the attachment that I included should be enough help for this assignment but just in case it isn't this is the book that we are using in this Social Psychology class. 
It's called:
Social Psychology (1st Edition) by Catherine A. Sanderson 
and the ISBN number is ISBN-13: 978-0471250265.
Chapter 6 on the book is from page 180 to page 213.
Thank you.

Social Psychology: Attitude Formation and Change
I hold negative perceptions of the American political process and I believe that politicians are increasingly focused on party orthodoxy and self serving interests rather than serving the people. Now more than ever before politicians are unlikely to engage in bipartisanship programs or legislations and ignore the voice of the people. Despite serving the core interests of their most loyal supporters, I do not trust the politicians to improve the well being of people who do not hold their views.
My response and attitude to politicians is based on reports and experiences where politicians have been caught flip-flopping on issues and gong against what they promise. Furthermore, new sources have over time highlighted the failures of politicians, and my effective response is frustration and uneasiness. I am skeptical of what polit...
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