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PSYCH 243 Intro to Well-being and Positive Psychology (Coursework Sample)


Online Assignment #3, Chapters 5 & 6

PSYCH 243 Intro to Well-being and Positive Psychology

General Guidelines: A good answer will address every part of the question, and will provide 1 or 2 supporting examples. In addition, wherever possible, you should relate your descriptions and explanations to the concepts, theories, and research covered in class or in the textbook. Please avoid expressing an unfounded opinion – try to base your arguments on research studies and conclusions, or a theory that seems well supported by the research in the field. So, every answer should include both your personal experience, and relevant terms/concepts from the text, used in a way that demonstrates your understanding of those terms/concepts. Please answer both questions below.

1. What is the relationship between emotions (and stress) and the development of psychophysiological (psychosomatic) disorders? Discuss one example of how your body has “paid the price” (or suffered) for not coping effectively with stress. Discuss one technique or activity you engage in to reduce stress.

2. Identify and describe the common myths about love. For a period of about 1 week, pay close attention to the messages conveyed by the media concerning love. What “picture” of love do you get from television, popular songs, or movies? Then, give at least two very specific examples of how media perpetuates the common myths (described in your text), or other misconceptions about love.


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March 9, 2019
Relationship between Emotions and Psychophysiological Disorders.
Emotions, stress and personality are among various psychological factors that promote different physical and medical disorders. Problems resulting from psychological factors are referred to as Psychophysiological disorders because they occur under influence of both physiological and psychological variable interactions. There are common types of psychophysiological disorders which include; Ulcers, irritable bowel, insomnia, headache and essential hypertensions. Emotions and stress interfere with vulnerable biological systems to trigger psychophysiological syndrome.
Stress is triggered by various events that lead to both physical a

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