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National Budget Simulation Worksheet Writing Assignment (Coursework Sample)


The above link will take you to a simulation of fiscal policy and the national budget in which you are the economic advisor to the President of the United States. Follow the link and read the instructions for the simulation.
National Budget Simulation Worksheet
Directions: Answer the questions below. Save your answers in either doc or docx format. Submit this document through the appropriate link in session 10. Your completed assignment should be at least 250 words in length.
1. How will the program cuts that you made affect specific groups (the elderly, students, environmentalists, savers, the poor, foreign aid recipients, producers, etc.)?
2. What programs did you choose to cut? Why did you choose those programs over others?
3. Would other cuts have had less impact on people’s lives? Which budget cuts had the largest impact on reducing the deficit?
4. Which decisions might be perceived as politically motivated?
5. What are the tradeoffs of preserving some programs while protecting others?
6. How do your decisions result in the marginal benefit to society outweighing the marginal cost to society?
7. If you had the opportunity to raise taxes rather than cut programs, which policy would you choose?


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National Budget Simulation Worksheet
The program cuts that have been made are likely to affect the elderly, the poor and environmentalists (Gao & Gao 13). These cuts are made to transportation and will make it difficult for a number of people to depend on personal or public transportation such as cars and buses. This will create a lot of issues for the elderly and the poor, but for environmentalists, it can be a chance to reduce air pollution, noise pollution and water pollution. The program cuts are going to impact particular groups of people in almost all parts of the United States.
I have decided to cut a lot on programs that deal with agriculture, transportation, and other internal affairs. I have selected these programs as a lot is spent by the government in this regard, and I think that cuts are the need of the time in order to strengthen the economy by the whole. Some other programs of my interest are the administration of justice, general government spending, and income security. I have found the government spending millions of dollars on these programs and the outcomes are not satisfactory. For the economic growth of the United States, these cuts have become necessary.
I believe the programs that I have selected will have fewer impacts on the lives of people. For example, public and private vehicles are what people can live without, meaning they can go to their destinations using bicycles which are environment-friendly. The budget cuts that had left a huge impact on the deficit are the general government spending. The fact is that the g

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