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Response To Debate: Taxes, Technology And Labor (Coursework Sample)


Written assignment - After reading through the scenario(see attachment), write a paper that incorporates some of the scholarship we have read. Do you recognize themes that we have covered? If so, explain. How would specific scholars respond to this scenario?
I've uploaded total of three essays. You can write about how these essays relate to the scenario and how would each author respond to it. If you need any other information, feel free to contact me. Thanks.


Student's Name
Response to Debate
The economy of the world is constantly changing and the business world with it. Businesses operate within the economy and this means that any changes taking place do affect them directly. For instance, changes in taxation, technology and labor are amongst those felt by businesses. The three factors, taxes, technology and labor are all necessary to ensure that a business stays ahead of competition and failure to consider these will always lead to the collapse of any business. In the present case, Company X has to make the decision to either relocate in order to enjoy better tax rates, low labor costs and generally reduced costs of operation, or to continue operating in its home states for the sake of its workers. Given that either decision has its own consequences, the company is in a dilemma. The authors Karl Marx, Dorothy Sue Cobble and Polanyi try to offer the best solutions to the problem through their various articles. Karl Marx bases his ideas on devaluation of labor, Cobble uses the idea of worker mutualism and cooperation, while Polanyi uses the concept of free market utopianism.
Karl Marx in his article on estranged labor points out the fact that two classes make up the society, these include, those who own property and the workers who do not own anything. He attributes these divisions to be a result of the political economy that has created the need for competition and pushed people to do all they can to stay at the top. Companies desire to have monopolistic powers in the market, but usually at the expense of the workers. Marx argues that in the business world workers are only viewed as commodities and are less valued than whatever they produce. Based on the above it is evident that companies tend to objectify labor and only see it as a means of achieving the greater goal of producing goods and services. This explains why companies can readily make major changes without considering the effect the change will have on the workers. In relation to the debate scenario, Marx would definitely oppose the move by Company X to relocate because it would mean the company has little value for its workers. As evidenced from the scenario, it is clear that the success of the company is largely due to the efforts made by the workers through their Union A. They came together to fight against evils such as discrimination that initially affected the company's performance and successfully united to create a conducive working environment. Ideally, without the workers' efforts, Company X would probably never have made it to the top and thus relocating without looking into the effect the move will have on the workers will be very unfair. In his article, Marx seems to be speaking against the devaluation and objectification of men and for this reason,he would oppose the idea of the company relocating.
Also speaking about labor is the article by Dorothy Cobble titled “Worker mutualism in an ag

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