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Response To Debate Scenario: Cost Of Doing Business (Coursework Sample)


After reading through the debate scenario (see attachment), write a paper that incorporates some of the scholarship we have read. Do you recognize themes that we have covered? If so, explain. How would specific scholars respond to this scenario? Explain. The paper should not be longer than 5 pages.
I will upload 3 readings, feel free to choose among them. and you can decide how many scholars' reading to incorporate. If you don't want use these reading, I can give you more scholars' reading to choose from.
“Work”, by C. Wright Mills
“Worker Mutualism in an Age of Entrepreneurial Capitalism”, by Dorothy Sue Cobble.
“Uses of Industrial Power”, by David Brody


Student's Name
Response to Debate Scenario
It is a fact that the business world is changing, more so with the emergence of globalization. In this new era, companies are free to take their businesses to different states or nations as long as they achieve their goals. Notably, companies prefer carrying out their operations in places that can ensure they spend less while gaining more in terms of profits. Among the factors that determine where a company will choose for its operations are the tax rates, the cost of labor, infrastructure, and even the cost of waste disposal. In order to cut down on these costs companies may revert to various ways such as replacing human labor with technology. In the debate scenario given, Company X finds itself in the middle of such a situation where it has to decide whether to remain in a place where the cost of doing business is high or relocating to another place where conditions are quite favorable. In the articles “worker mutualism in an age of entrepreneurial capitalism” by Dorothy Cobble, and in “workers in industrial America” by David Brody, the authors give the possible solutions to the issue. Brody in his article focuses on collective bargaining as a solution while Cobble bases her arguments on the models of worker mutualism.
The article by Cobble addresses the need to use worker mutualism as a way of standing and fighting against the injustices faced by workers in workplaces. Based on this there is reason to believe that the response of this author about the given scenario is that the Company X should not relocate. The reason is majorly due the effects this will have on the employees already working in the company. According to Cobble (pg. 184), there are other alternative solutions to dealing with the competition posed by other companies. For instance, she talks of occupational unionism which is mostly used by non-factory workers but which can find its use in the companies too. Through this union training is given to all workers plus any other necessary advice that would improve their employability. By being able to do this, the company can be able to have its low and semiskilled workforce properly trained in such a way that they can fully participate in the production process. This will also eliminate the need for the company to relocate in search for more skilled workers. The use of technology in place of workers will not also be necessary given that employees will already have the skills to handle the work properly. Cobble further talks about relational unionism as another solution, and it focuses on the kind of treatment that exists between and amongst individuals in the company. According to her, the transformative power of this union is great enough to enable accompany stand against any competition (186). She seems to suggest that Company X will perform much better if the environment provided for the workers is more caring and sustainable. In relation to the given scenario, it is true that Union A has already done much to ensure good relations amongst the workers and healthy relations with the employer. Evidently, the union managed to eliminate evils such as racial, religious and gender discrimination, which were common in the past. Through this, the union ensured more unity amongst all workers who worked harmoniously to an extent of helping the company emerge as the very best amongst its competitors. Therefore based on all these factors on how workers have contributed to the success of the company, it only ma

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