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Twitter Article Summary and Analysismmary and Analysis (Coursework Sample)


Summarize the article and then make a thorough ethical analysis of it. (must include ethical theories and personal point of views)


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Twitter Article Summary and Analysis
The article points out that Artificial Intelligence machines ought to be given the same ethical protection that is given to animals in the world of research. Technology companies are close to making machines that are as cognitively sophisticated as animals such as dogs and mice. Therefore, such machines will be able to feel pain hence calling for the need to have ethical rules governing the things that will be done to the machines. A nightmare scenario is presented in the case whereby the technology companies develop machines and in turn, end up doing something painful to them unknowingly (Callahan, 2019). This would mean that the creation of such machines is not governed by ethical considerations. Committees have been formed in regard to scientific research in order to protect the various standards required in the research. They oversee that the animals are not made to suffer in the name of research. Therefore, this is the same way that committees should be formed to oversee the creation of artificial intelligence machines. The committees would ensure that standards are observed to prevent the creation of artificial intelligence machines and in turn, expose them to pain and suffering. In most cases, people wait until a major catastrophe has happened in order for them to create ethic rules preventing the occurrence of a similar catastrophe in the future. This should not be the case in the development of artificial intelligence machines, but rather, standards sh

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