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Student Words: Life Of An Impoverished Bengalese Family (Coursework Sample)


“STUDENT WORDS” INSTRUCTIONS:  To complete this part of the project, you will find “new” words in the reading that you do for your Course Notebook (news periodicals, books, documentaries, speeches, interviews, YouTube videos, television news programs, blog posts, podcasts, or reputable newsletters).

For each “student word,” you’ll complete the following tasks:

list the word you’re trying to master and identify its part of speech,
provide a definition expressed in your own words,
explain the context in which the word was used,
re-write the original sentence in which you found the word,
indicate the person with whom you discussed the word, and
compose a new sentence which uses the word correctly.


Student Words
1 WORD: Auteur/ noun
2 IN- MY -OWN -WORDS DEFINITION: A creative film director
3 CONTEXT: An article that depicts the life of an impoverished Bengalese family.
Bhattacharjee, S. "'Pather Panchali?: The Greatest Indian Film Ever Made." The Cinemaholic, 2017, 23 Mar. 2018.
4. ORIGINAL SENTENCE: ‘Never before had an auteur delved so deep into the dynamics and redundancies of daily life and in such a profoundly humane fashion.'
5. WHOM I CONSULTED: My classmate
6. MY SENTENCE: An auteur is the best and most fit individual to direct and supervise the production of a movie.
1. WORD: Imperceptible/adjective
2. IN –MY- OWN- WORDS DEFINITION: The word is employed to describe something that is not detectable or perceptible.
3. CONTEXT: An article that provides guidelines on how one can be successful in life.
Clear, J."The proven, reasonable and totally unsexy secret to success | James Clear." 18 Sept. 2017, Accessed 23 Mar. 2018.
4. ORIGINAL SENTENCE ‘Lifestyle creep happens so slowly that it is almost imperceptible' 5. WHOM I CONSULTED: My best friend
6. MY SENTENCE: Everybody in the room situated next to the church missed the imperceptible shake of his head as she attempted to warn us without being seen.
1. WORD: Tiebreaker/noun
2. IN- MY- OWN- WORDS DEFINITION: The word refers to something that is employed to choose a winner from a tied situation.
3. CONTEXT: An article that talks about the importance of using time efficiently.
Clear, J. "The value of time: How much is your time really worth?" 2017, Accessed 23 Mar. 2018.
4. ORIGINAL SENTENCE: ‘I did not use these rankings in any equations, but they can act as a tiebreaker between tasks that are close in expected value.'
5. WHOM I CONSULTED: My mentor
6. MY SENTENCE: It was a herculean task to establish a tiebreaker after the game ended in a draw.
1. WORD: Epoch/adjective
2. IN –MY- OWN- WORDS DEFINITION: The word refers to a specific period of history
3. CONTEXT: An article that tells the story of a French doctor by the name Manette.
Dickens, C., and Hoopla digital. A tale of two cities. PlumTum, 2013.
4. ORIGINAL SENTENCE: ‘It was the epoch of belief.'
5. WHOM I CONSULTED: My mentor
6. MY SENTENCE: Numerous students believe that World War 2 was an epoch of incredulity since countless lives were lost.
1. WORD: Span/ Verb
2. IN- MY –OWN- WORDS DEFINITION: The word means to extend over an area or time period
3. CONTEXT: An article that provides guidelines on how a personal narrative should be written.
Fleming, G. "How to write a personal narrative." 2013, www.t

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