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Solid Waste Management: Reduce, Recycle And Reuse (Coursework Sample)


GOAL: To research, plan, and write a paper on a topic related to a social issue in which you’re interested. Your paper will be part of an academic journal to be designed and named by the class, and available for general viewing on Plus Portals.You have already engaged in a few exercises related to this topic, and can use or incorporate previous research and sources. Your research paper will:

  1. Introduce a social issue in which you’re interested (1-2 paragraphs);
  2. Prove that there’s a problem in that area that needs to be solved (2-3 paragraphs);
  3. Prove that there’s a solution to the problem (2-3 paragraphs);
  4. Prove that a high schooler can be part of the solution (2-3 paragraphs).


#1        YOU MUST TURN IN EACH ASSIGNMENT. An important part of this research project is engaging in the process. Therefore, I will not review the outline without your notes; I will not review the draft without your outline, etc.

#2        YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR RESEARCH MATERIALS (NOTES, DRAFTS, SOURCES, ETC.) ON YOUR TABLET. You will lose participation points if you are unable to work on the research paper during class. Google Drive is a great way to store these types of documents.

#3        If you need to send me your documents by email, please attach only PDF or WORD documents. No links. No Pages.

#4        YOU WILL NEED TO TURN IN WITH YOUR PAPER A COPY OF RELEVANT PAGES OF YOUR SOURCES. You’ll need to highlight cited information (quotes, paraphrase, summary).


English 3/ Mrs. Pasko
Research Notes
Kumar, K. Solid Waste Management: Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. Kindle, 2014. Print.
My thoughts
The health effects of refuse, decreased landfill sites and increased operating cost have enhanced poor disposal of waste. The landfill has been among the cheapest methods of refuse disposal in America.
In spite of other alternative methods like incineration, reduction, reuse and recycle (3Rs) exhibit the current viable strategies to minimize waste disposal and enhance proper disposal practices (17)
This shows that waste is a huge problem which has been created man's increased use of products and poor disposal mechanisms.
The passage also highlights that the higher the economic status of individuals the higher the sludge. Yet, the wastes are the source of many diseases and deaths in the world.
However, there is a solution to this problem which is summed in 3Rs (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse).
This information gives the health effects and the solution to the sludge problem of this research.
Kinnaman, Thomas. The Economics of Residential Solid Waste Management. London: Routledge, 2017. Print.
“the natural control device is a Pigouvian system of charges.” (614)
The author depicts that the implementation of the user charges

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