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Satan In The Poem “Paradise Lost” (Coursework Sample)


In 1637, John Milton wrote Paradise Lost, which presented the story of Satan’s fall from heaven. From this text, a humanized Satan was born who, despite his evil vices, consisted of heroic traits, which future authors loved. Milton’s Satan became the model for future Romantic authors, such as Lord George Byron.
But Satan did not disappear with the Romantics; he is very much a figure in popular culture and religious culture today. Indeed, the devil continues to be one of the most popular characters in Western culture.
The Prompt:
Consider Lucifer-Satan in Paradise Lost. How does Milton portray him? Next, consider the portrayal and evolution of Satan in American theater, music, television, and film, where the traditional representation of evil in Satan is used less frequently. Instead, the Devil is depicted as an amoral, mischievous Trickster; an adolescent anti-hero battling hypocritical society; or he is a lonely existential figure who needs to be loved by either a human or God (with the latter signaling redemption). Be concrete and specific.
Note: The devil is not always a man, either!


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Satan in “Paradise Lost”
Satan, formerly identified as Lucifer, is a major character introduced in the poem. Satan was one of the most beautiful angels and a tragic figure who declared famously “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.” He is condemned to Hell and cast out of Heaven following his failed rebellion against God. According to Blessington (2019), Lucifer in the poem “Paradise Lost” is deemed as a brooding fallen angel who is rebellious against God’s tyranny and openly declares his freedom despite an omnipotent being, subjecting him to eternal imprisonment.
Milton depicts Satan as a more complex being than the Devil that appears in Christian traditions. The author further elaborates that Satan seeks transcendence, rebellion; his potentiality for action, particularly unconventional action, endeared him to specific ideologies which are sometimes theologically misleading (Blessington, 2019). Milton follo

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