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Roger Axtell Video Assignment. Literature & Language Coursework (Coursework Sample)


In Units 1 and 2, the topics of globalization such as outsourcing were discussed. In this video, Roger Axtell enlightens us with his tales of international business and culture.
First, download and review the assignment questions Word document below. Watch the Roger Axtell Video about culture at

Submit the completed questions (about one page/500 words; do not modify the format of the file). Make sure to review the questions prior to watching the video.
This video was filmed at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where I taught previously. The first person on the video is the provost and followed by the chancellor of the university. The chancellor provides a good introduction of Roger Axtell.


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Video – Roger Axtell on Culture
1 What is ethnocentrism? (10%)
Ethnocentrism entails being self-centered or the belief that one’s way of doing things is the right and that others are wrong. Roger Axtell explained it by asserting that Americans believe that everything passes through them, particularly because the United States of America (USA) is among the most successful countries worldwide (Axtell).

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