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The Teachers Have Different Perceptions About Revision (Coursework Sample)


In order to complete this exercise, please carefully read "Revision Strategies" on Canvas. Then, please respond to the reading by answering the following questions in at least 200+ words.
1)What does Sommers say is wrong with the old way writers and teachers looked at revision?
2)List and describe three things Student Writers typically do when revising.
3)List and describe three things Experienced Writers typically do when revising.
4)Sommers writes, “The experienced writers imagine a reader.” Explain what she means.
5)How can the content in this article help you revise your essays for the final portfolio? Which habits of Student Writers and Experienced Writers do you currently employ? What strategies do you need to employ in your own revision?


Revision Strategies
Question 1
The writers and the teachers have different perceptions about revision. Most of them use the linear model, and they fail to see the importance of revision. They do not clearly understand the difference between speech and writing. In a speech, one cannot carry out any correction since it is a spoken word while in writing revision is essential since it is easier to go through the written work and offer suggestions on improvement.
Question 2
1 Reviewing Their Work- The student writers go through their work to find better words to use in their essays.
2 Redoing- It involves proof checking of what they have written. When the student writers go through their essay, they do get rid of the things or facts that are not right.
3 Removal of repetition-Repetition refers to the use of the same wording or phrases. When the st

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