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Proper Waste Disposal Mechanism: Environment (Coursework Sample)


I just uploaded the previous research, the assignment should be placing the research into an essay outline. It does not need to be too polished, but please get it to me within 2 hours if that is possible. it can literally just be a thesis, three topic sentence with bullet points underneath and a conclusion.


Professor's Name:
Thesis statement: while everyone would want to blame major corporations when it comes to the deterioration of the world's climate, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that man's normal life is also to blame.
Topic Sentences.
Proper waste disposal mechanism is the first step to ensuring that man is taking care of the environment.
* It is essential to manage waste disposal and various innovative ways should be considered.
* With proper waste disposal mechanisms in place, people will be inclined to take the leaders' pleas to be conscious of the impact their actions have on the environment.
Man's disregard of proper waste

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