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Legitimate Sources: Biography of John Updike (Coursework Sample)


As the lecture on Legitimate Sources indicates, online sources are very problematic. Since your job when researching is to find experts who support your argument, you must be able to prove that your sources are experts. This exercise asks you to practice that detective work.
DIRECTIONS: For each of the online articles below, use the three-step process outlined in the lecture to explain to me why each article is or is not a legitimate source (I want to know exactly what you find for each step that you have to take).


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Legitimate Sources
The “Biography of John Updike” is not a valid source. The biography has no author or author information. Additionally, there are no defined editors of the content posted on the site. The only mention is the founders of the website without specifying the editors of the materials. Lately, GradeSaver LLC, the corporate owners of the website/ generated content is a profit-oriented company seeking to provide such services at a fee. Therefore, this source is not legitimate.
The second source, “A&P Summary of John Updike,” is a legitimate source. The content in the website, enotes com, does not have an author. However, under the site ‘about’ tab, the site lists a team of editors that oversees the content generated by various authors. Therefore, with

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