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Does Social Media Expose More Reality or Bring More Deceit to Society? (Coursework Sample)


Use the three essays in the attachment as reference. Write a cover letter, one paragraph (Essay's content) for each essay, as well as the challenge when you are writing. The writer can decide what kind of challenge.


Writing is a very fun and interesting activity for me as it stimulates my brain into creating something from within my mind. In these 3 essays, I have learned different styles and techniques in providing information in various ways. The three essays that I made range from creative writing to technical writing and are presented in conducive ways depending on the theme and topic; titled as “Does Social Media Expose More Reality or Bring More Deceit to Society?”, “My Courage and Loving Father”, and “Rhetorical Analysis of the General Rationale and Identity”.
My Courage and Loving Father is an essay that conveys my feelings and my perspectives of having a great father. In this essay, my creativity was drawn towards bringing out the emotion that touches the readers' heart. The essay provides archetypal storylines that most of the readers would be able to relate to. In this essay, I write about how my father has shown the traits of being a dependable and protective man, and in it, how my father had his own share of pain and history into becoming the man that he is today. This essay is an inspiration in written form for me, as it is a writing where my goal and my motivation are manifested in reality.
“Does Social Media Expose More Reality or Bring More Deceit to Society?” is a research essay that delves into the current issues faced by the modern internet community. Social media has become one of

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