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Arts 1510 Documentary: The Founding Of The Bauhaus (Coursework Sample)


Use the book "Making Art FORM AND MEANING" to answer the questions. the question and the resource will be upload


ARTS 1510
Bauhaus Documentary
Name _________________________________
1 The founding of the BAUHAUS
* When and where was the Bauhaus founded?
Founded in 1919 in Weimar
* By whom?
Walter Gropius
* With which intentions?
To teach fine arts and crafts
* Which historical facts influenced the founder's thinking?
To founders, manufacturing and creativity were drifting apart and they wanted to use art to bring them together
* What were his ideas about the art school as expressed in the manifesto?
The idea was to use art and craft to promote problem solving for modern “industrial society”.
* How was the school funded?
The were initially funded by “Thuringian state parliament”
2 Art education
1 How were students educated?
They were educated in arts of design
2 In which subjects?
Architecture, Fine art, industrial design, graphic design, typography, interior design,
3 What were major innovations?
Cradle, Bauhaus lamp, Wassily chair, Nesting tables, Tabular steel, Road signs, Buildings, and furniture
4 Which innovations can we still se at art school nowadays?
Buildings, Furniture, Architecture, and road signs.
5 Why did theatre gain such a central position at the Bauhaus?

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