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What Are Some Major Differences Between Renaissance And Baroque Art? (Coursework Sample)


Prompt from Italian Civilization Instructor:
Step 1: Read Sprezzatura Chapter 36: The Baroque splendors of Berini.
Step 2: Read Sprezzatura Chapter 23: Leonardo da Vinci: Renaissance man, eternal enigma
Step 3: Read Sprezzatura Chapter 26: Michelangelo
Step 4: Read the Powerpoint Attachment titled: “Reformation and Baroque (Italy).
Step 5: Read the Powerpoint attachment titled: "Italian Renaissance Day"
Step 6: Read the Powerpoint Attachment titled: “The Reformation and the Scientific Revolution Version”.
Step 7: Read the Powerpoint Attachment Titled: Da Vinci
Step 8: Read the Powerpoint Attachment Titled: Michelangelo
Step 9: Review the Lecture Notes from your word document.
Step 10: Now for your assignment tell me what are some major differences between Renaissance and Baroque Art? Be specific with examples. Which Baroque masterpiece was your favorite?
Notes from me the Student to the EssayZoo Writer:
I uploaded the screenshots of the reading material from each chapter in word document attachments.
I also uploaded each powerpoint in attachment.
I uploaded the lecture notes in a word document attachment.
The assignment must be in Times New Roman Font with Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around.


What are some major differences between Renaissance and Baroque Art?
Towards the end of the 14th century, Italian scholars declare a new age known as the rebirth of not only art and culture but also learning literature. The period is known as the Renaissance. The Renaissance period began during 1300-1600 in Italy presented a new wave not only in Italy, but also across Europe, bringing most of the European culture in the modern era.
Renaissance and Baroque art are two major forms of art that were experienced within different periods with their difference highlighted in several kinds of literature. The differences between these two forms of art are the features, specific characteristics and the period. Baroque art is more of ornate details while Renaissance art was infused with Christianity and science creating realism through art.
Some major differences between Renaissance and Baroque Art
Renaissance is a style that focused more on learning that spread through Europe between 14th century up to the 17th century. Renaissance art focused on the concept of perception. Using three-dimensional approach, the art provided the different perspective of viewing artistic pieces. Artist created paintings using the three-dimensional concept where two building could be viewed adjustment to each other at a vanishing point. Renaissance art incorporated a unique technique that created a nice contrast of light...
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