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Significance Of Race In Contemporary American Society (Coursework Sample)


Required a total of 300 words.
After reading the overview on Critical Race Theory (Links to an external site: https://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/722/14/). for this week, choose TWO (2) questions under "Common Questions" AND answer the TWO (2) questions below, for a total of four questions.
By applying these questions to Hurston and Welty's stories, you are practicing Critical Race Theory!
Write about 100 words per question for a total of 300 words. You are not required to use quotations from the story this time, but you may.
Please complete as a Microsoft Word document and attach your file to the submission slot. List the questions followed by your response. Each question is worth 5 points.
1. Do you believe the hunter in "A Worn Path" is racist? Why or why not? What about the attendant at the desk in the medical office? Consider the term microaggression in your answer.
2. Phoenix and Delia are lower class black women; these are three characteristics of their place in society (race, class, and gender). Discuss how they are discriminated against as black individuals AND as women. Consider the term intersectionality in your answer. (Intersectionality refers to how these characteristics of social standing intersect.)


Critical Race Theory Questions
Common Questions 1 and 5
Significance of race in contemporary American society
Despite the election of president Obama, prejudice and racism have not diminished significantly. People are identified by their race in census records and when looking at health and income disparities race is one of the factors considered. Race and self-identity are closely linked and controversies on immigration in the U.S. and race relations. Even when there is no overt discrimination race is considered in socioeconomic status and educational attainment. The racial landscape in the United States been changing over decades, and mostly because of immigration, which has become a contentious issue across the political divide
Racism as a persistent force in American society
American society still deals with individual and institutional racism that is associated with racial disparities and inequalities. There are other social forces like class and nationalism also explain the persistence of interrelated forms of oppression of inequality and normalized views that are racist. Prejudice and discrimination are persistent even after efforts to eradicate racism even policies and politica

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