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Creative Writing Journal: Critical Elements Of The Writing Process (Coursework Sample)


Refer to the following Week 1 - Required Learning Activities:
• The Practice of Creative Writing, Introduction
• The Practice of Creative Writing, Finding Focus
• The Practice of Creative Writing, Creative Reading
Write a 700- to 1,050-word journal entry that identifies the key elements of the writing process and describes what you have learned about creative reading. Consider the following:
• How will you apply what you have learned?
• What writing processes will you use?
• Is there a plan you would like to follow to spark your creativity in the next four weeks?
• What story ideas do you have that you would like to write about in the coming weeks? Explain.
I want to write about my experiences growing up overseas as a child. I spent elementary school in Tokyo Japan and high school in Bonn Germany due to my fathers government job. We did a lot of traveling around the world.


Creative Writing Journal 
Author’s Name:
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Creative Writing Journal 
Creative writing is an art which is expressed in the utmost creativity of the mind entails creative nonfiction, poetry, and fiction writing. The essence of creative writing is to facilitate the expression of one’s emotions, thoughts, and feelings in a written format. Additionally, it enables writers to pass a piece of information to the reader, to educate, entertain, to spread awareness, and to incite readers to take a particular course of action that benefits the writer.
Critical elements of the writing process
There are five critical elements of the writing process, which include; prewriting, writing, revising, editing, and publishing. Prewriting is a rigorous process that entails generation and gathering of ideas and data relevant to the subject in question. Additionally, prewriting involves brainstorming, conducting background research, and sketching an outline of key findings (Hinders, para.3). The second step entails writing. After the basic ideas and data has been assembled and a rough sketch of outlined, the writer then proceeds to write a draft. Writing requires a lot of energy and concentration. The third and most critical aspect of creative writing involves revision of the written draft. Proper revision encompasses the inclusion of sections that provide additional and detailed information and removal or replacement of sections that are unnecessary or repetitious with clearer proses. Last but not least, a writer needs to rearrange different parts and section of the prose to enhance the overall image and flow of the written content.
Editing is the fourth element of the writing process that involves fine-tuning an overhauled manuscript to suit the best interest of the writer. During this step, the writer proofreads the document to check for clarity, repetition, punctuation spelling, and grammar mistakes (Hinders, para. 9). Editing is a laborious and detailed process which requires the intervention of a professor to achieve the best effect. The fifth and last step of the writing process is publishing, which is the final stage, which entails the distribution of the finished proje

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