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Challenges Facing The American Left At The Turn Of The Century (WWI) (Coursework Sample)


Dear Class,
Using what we've so far discussed and read--so do, please, make specific references to and provide examples from that material--give me your thoughts on the main challenges facing the American Left at the turn of the century (to World War I). What were the challenges and how did leftists endeavor to meet them?


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The American Left
Before the U.S. joined the First World War, the American Socialist Party said that it was in a grave crisis since it seriously reaffirmed that it based its principles on the foundations of internationalism and respecting the rights of the working class across the globe (Macey 111). American Left was facing a number of challenges at the turn of the century due to the fact that modern wars were being spurred by financial and commercial rivalries as well as capitalist interests among nations. From a personal perspective, the fact that the world was departing from socialism and adopting capitalism strategies, the new plans tended to trigger aggression due to differences in ideologies.
According to a document entitled “Socialism (1908),” socialism has always been opposed to capitalism since it is a political movement that is made up of working-class individuals who aim at overthrowing the capitalist system. These are some of the challenges that faced the leftists since their means of producing wealth differed greatly from the capitalist system. In a speech entitled “The Canton, Ohio Speech,” the speaker says that one of the greatest challenges that they were facing was pleading for the cause of the working class, who include men, women, and young children who are subjected to very few privileges (Eugene V. Debs 94). He adds that this is a very dangerous cause since their loyal comrades have been jailed for opposing the WWI and this is the ultimate penalty they pay for their cause. He added that so

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