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Write an Apologia to Galileo’s Starry Messenger (Coursework Sample)


Prompt from Instructor:
Step 1: Read Sprezzatura Chapter 33: Galileo Frames the Foundation of Modern Science.
Step 2: Read Sprezzatura Chapter 36: The Baroque splendors of Berini.
Step 3: Read Sprezzatura Chapter 32: Peri's Euridice: The birth of Opera from the spirit of tragedy.
Step 4: Review the Lecture Notes from the word document attachment.
Step 5: Read the PowerPoint attachment titled “Reformation and Baroque (Italy).
Step 6: Read the PowerPoint attachment titled “The Reformation and the Scientific Revolution Version”.
Step 7: Read the PowerPoint attachment titled “Opera Origins”.
Step 8: Now for your assignment I want you to write an introduction to Galileo's Starry Messenger that would serve as an “apologia” to allow his book to be better received by the church authorities.
Remember an “Apologia” (a Greek term that means "speaking in defense") is a formal defense of a position or action. In modern usage, apologia describes a formal defense and should not be confused with the sense of the word 'apology' as the expression of regret.

Galileo’s Apologia
In the many years of my work as a scientist, I have learnt to appreciate the works of my predecessors, because they informed a lot on what I do today. I have examined the works of Aristotle and Ptolemy and their explanation of the universe, to that of Copernicus and Kepler and his three laws. In our field as scientist we try to look at the world and nature in a different dimension, different from what one sees it naturally. Aristotle and Ptolemy saw the world in its natural view while Copernicus and Kepler saw it in a different dimension.
Over the years I have tried to understand the difference ...
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