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The Decision Making Of The Recall Coordinator For Ford Motor Co. (Coursework Sample)


Review the Business Ethics Materials, read the Pinto Case and watch the following video, keeping in mind the questions you will need to answer below: ss Read at the following NPR article about Bob Ebeling, who tried to stop the launch of the Challenger Space Shuttle that blew apart in 1986. Answer the questions listed below. Do so in no less than 3 pages, double-spaced, 11 or 12 point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, no headers count in the length and no extra space between paragraphs. Write in complete sentences and paragraphs. Do not put it in question and answer form. Failure to follow the formatting requirements or meet the 3-page requirement will result in a 10% reduction in your score on the Homework. In addition, your grade will be based on the percentage of writing completed. For example, 2 pages will have a maximum grade of 60% (66.67% minus 10%). I use the Writing Matters rubric to grade it. Please review the rubric to see how your grade will be determined.

1. Think about the decision making of the Recall Coordinator for Ford Motor Co. Field reports have been coming in about rear-end collisions, fires, and fatalities in Pintos. Assume that you are the Recall Coordinator and that you must decide whether to recommend a recall of the car. What factors should you consider in making an effective decision? What assumptions do you make about corporate social responsibility and/or ethical decision making that might help you make a good decision (make sure to include specific ethical theories and CSR from the Business Ethics Materials)? If you had been Ford’s Recall Coordinator, would you recall the cars?

2. [From the video] How does Dennis Gioia view his decision now?

3. What lessons did you learn from Dennis Gioia and Bob Ebeling’s experiences? How can you avoid a disastrous decision in your work life? What positive ethical values will help you to make a good decision?

4. Name at least one prominent automobile defect case that has come to light in past 5 years (note: VW was not a defect; it was cheating software). Have automakers learned from the Pinto case?

Remember: Write this as a paper (and not a question & answer). We will discuss this in class.


Pinto Fires Case Study
A good business should practice ethics in the course of their operations. Ethical practices are meant to ensure that a business creates and upholds a good corporate image. As the recall coordinator, I believe that deciding that my company should make a recall about pinto is an ethical act. This vehicle was branded despite the risks that were associated with its gas tank. As a decision maker in this company, I sincerely believe that a decision to remake the pintos will uphold the organization's image and clear the doubts associated with the recent accidents and fires. My decision is made after a careful analysis of the field reports of the rear-end collisions, fire and fatalities in the pinto.
My decision is made after careful consideration of some factors that affect our company. Our company has been on the market for quite sometimes now and has gained fame and some loyal customers. There is the need to maintain our customers as they are always under pressure and pursuit from our competitors. My decision, in this case, is meant to ensure the safety of our clients and thus installing confidence in them. The only wit we can make sure our clients trust our products is only if we have a good corporate image to the surrounding community as they directly consume our brand. Another factor that I have taken into great consideration is wastage of resources regarding time and finances. A lot of finances are used up in attempt to compensate individuals who have suffered a loss in the hands of pinto. These individuals by the use of law have to repay money worth a lot of projects. For example in the year 1971, about 200,275 billion dollars were used to cover losses and damages caused by accidents and collisions that arise when pinto is driven at high speed. These resources could have been used elsewhere and for the better of our company. Other indirect costs such as the cost of hiring lawyers and also time lost could also have been employed elsewhere in the production process. The decision to have a recall of the Pinto is not an easy task as it affects a major product for our company and thus I had to careful consider these two factors before making a decision.
These accidents have been used by our competitors to promote their brands and thus there is the need to mend our corporate image by reinforcing our socials responsibility by making ethical decisions that will reinstate our position. In an attempt to make a decision that will ensure we are socially responsible for our acts, we

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