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International Political Science (Coursework Sample)


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International Political Science
Question 1
Sovereignty is the power that enables a state to govern itself or another state. It plays an important role in international relations by enabling a state to exercise its laws on a given geographical area. This makes it easy for the state to control the activities of the states that it governs (Karns, Mingst, and Kendall 8). Various factors compromise sovereignty because people tend to get influenced by laws from other parts of the world. This results in a state facing a challenge in ruling the people that already desire a particular form of governance. Sovereignty makes the interaction between states and global governance complex because states believe in different laws. For instance, the legalization of marijuana has not been made global but rather in particular states. This means that an individual from a state which has legalized marijuana would be charged guilty if caught with the product in another state whereby it is illegal.
Question 2
States give up power in situations whereby governing itself has become a challenge. They prefer global power for them to be able to utilize the available resources in a meaningful manner. They also sign treaties to avoid situations that would

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