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Research Ab 109 And Changes To Changes To 3 Strikes Law (Coursework Sample)


In this chapter we learned about the Prison and the Jail system. During the last couple of years, California has made changes to the way we are punishing and incarcerating criminals. Some changes have been forced onto our state by judges, governor, some have been voted on by legislators, and some by the voters.
The fact is that we are now seeing a significant crime rise in California compared to other states that have not passed such laws and policies.
Now, for this coursework assignment… I want you to research AB 109 and changes to changes to 3 strikes law and explain if you believe the above laws have contributed to the increase in crime or if you do not believe the changes are the cause, state why you think crime is on the rise.
Assignment Guidelines: Use Times New Roman Font Size 12 with one inch margins all around.

Changes To 3 Strikes Law
The three-strike law has had a significant impact on California judicial system since it was passed in 1994. It was designed to reduce habitual offenders and protect the public especially from violent offenders. California has had high recidivism rates and the law was designed to put away the habitual offenders away for longer. Since 1991 California posted reduced crime rates till 1991 which was 5 years into the passing of the three-strike law. However, since then, crime has increased due because of the counter-productive nature of the three-strike law. Recently, in 2012 it was realigned but it does not seem to have contained the increasing crime rate in the state.
Overpopulation in California prisons has reduced the efficacy of rehabilitating the criminals incarcerated in them. The three-strike law led to long sentences for even minor crimes for habitual offenders and they end up staying in the priso...
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