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Case Brief #2 & 3. Legal Issues in International Transportation (Coursework Sample)


Chapter 6: Legal Issues in International Transportation
Chapter 8: National Lawmaking Powers and the Regulation of US Trade
Chapter 9: World Trade Organization: Basic Legal Principles
Chapter 12: Imports, Customs, and Tariff Law
You can read the eBook for this course and others offline through the Cengage App, available for your iPhone or Android.
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The cases will come from the chapters in this section (Chapters 6,8, 9, 12). You can choose to brief any two of those cases. Please be sure to combine your two case briefs into one Word Document for submission. Each case brief should be about one page.
The format is discussed in the section entitled "Resources on how to brief cases." It will explain the exact information I am looking for. I would also keep in mind proper grammar.
Only case name should be italicized, and you should complete it with a period at the end.
Reason section -
This section should be your most robust. It should explain "why" the court ruled the way it did. Not too brief.
Logins will be provided upon request


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Case 1
1 Citation
Olympic Airways v. Husain (2004) 540 U.S. 644
2 Facts
An airline passenger named Abid Hanson with his wife Rubina Husain sat close to the smoking zone on non-smoking seats. Knowing her husband was allergic to smoke, she requested twice that she and her husband to be moved far from the zone. Nonetheless, all her requests were turned down despite the fact that the smoke was seriously bothering Mr. Hanson. Unfortunately, Hanson was pronounced dead during the flight and his wife Mrs. Husain filed a suit against the airline in California Federal District Court for her damages sustained under Article 17 of the Warsaw Convention. Husain was awarded $ 1.4 million on the ground that her husband was accidental and was therefore entitled for compensation. Upon the airline’s appeal, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals reaffirmed the decision.

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