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Police organization and managment. History Coursework (Coursework Sample)


1.Tell me everything you know about the Chicago Police case involving Police Officer Van Dyke. Include all the facts that were reviewed in class. Discuss the prosecution and defense arguments. Answer fully. Present a conclusion as to whether you agree with the jury verdict. Make sure you include an analysis of the legal arguments involved.
2.Tell me everything you know about CompStat. Include who developed the concept. Describe how the two police commanders we watched in class presented themselves and their precincts when questioned by the police chiefs. Include the essential elements behind the theory of CompStat.
4.Describe how the current Coronavirus situation impacts police departments.
we watched a video of police officers given account on crime using compstat in class
please answer all 3
we watched a video on police officer van dyke case and judge conclude that officer van dyke was guilty


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Police Organization and Management
Question 1
After the release of a video of Officer Jason Van Dyke shooting teenager Laquan McDonald sixteen times, the officer was charged with first-degree murder. The jurors in the case believed that Van Dyke escalated the situation which he could have easily diffused and thus they did not find his explanations of the events credible. The jurors decided on second-degree murder conviction after reconsidering what might have been going on in the mind of the officer during the shooting. 

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